LMS to capture the data from a text-entry field


I have included a data-entry field in a Storyline course and I want the LMS to capture the data entered by the learner in this field. I am trying to find tutorials related to this topic. Is there any setting in the module that I need to enable so the LMS captures the value? Or, should it be converted to a text entry question and included in the quiz for the LMS to recognize it? 

Thank you in advance! 

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Ramya Sree

Thank you, Emily. I changed it to a quiz slide and have included it in the Results slide. 

I want the LMS to pick up all the quiz questions and answers (along with this essay question) from the module. This has not been a problem in other modules. However in this module, LMS is not picking the questions and answers. The questions are interspersed in different scenes. Do you think that is a problem? There are 7 scenes and the results slide is in the 1st scene. Since this is a guided module, they will come to the results slide only after completing all the scenes. 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Kaustubh.

Thank you for reaching out! 

When working with multiple text entry fields on a slide, each variable has to be sent to the LMS one at a time. I recommend taking a look at the steps in this tutorial as a starting point:

I also wanted to share a few discussions that are similar to what you're looking to accomplish:

I hope this helps!