Multiple text entry fields reporting data to LMS

I'm trying to create a page on which the user completes several text entry boxes (there is no right or wrong answer, technically) and that data gets reported to the LMS. I have found ways to set it up as a freeform pick one or individual text entry question, but haven't found a way to have all of the text field entries be reported to the LMS. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Jazzmine O

Hi, Ashley--

I checked out the link you posted, and I'm curious... Why would one have to go through all of the trouble to hide a question slide? Couldn't we just create a short answer survey question, then have the results link to the "result slide" and have the same effect as the lengthy process described through your link? Or am I missing something? Understanding this will help me, I'm sure, in coming up with other creative ways to get Storyline to communicate with LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jazzmine, 

The why for this set up may be a bit before my time... :)  

But the basic premise holds true for what you're describing. I guess perhaps there were some folks who just wanted to capture other variable values and report them? Perhaps it's not something the user is entering, but is generating by their actions in Storyline and therefore that needs to be reported to the short answer. 

Adriel Lage


I am using the instructions you linked to above regarding reporting variables to an LMS. I have the question slides built and i'm trying to link them to the variable fields I want to use, but the custom names I've given the text entry fields don't show up in the list of variables that i'm trying to assign to the survey response field. Can you please take a look and let me know what i'm doing wrong? I'm just beginning this project so I'd like to avoid wasting a bunch of time trying to figure out what I assume is a simple answer :) Attached is the example. Thank you!

Randy Hill

Adriel. So I see that you renamed the text entry fields, but that doesn't work for the variable itself, that is just how it shows on your timeline. If you refer back to Ashley's post and the method she has here, you need to create your own variable, so for AHL you could create a text variable that is title AHL and then in the slide you have to set, for AHL, Set AHL equal to TextEntry11 which is that text field that is there.