Variables to LMS: Can you share your examples?

Jan 14, 2014

Hey gang -

Just got a question from a customer who's looking at using Storyline for a custom survey project.

We have a good getting started article on passing variables to LMS, but this user would love to open the hood and look at some real-world examples to guide their own testing.

So if anyone has a sample or two or three that uses custom text entry fields to collect learner info and pass along to an LMS (AICC, SCORM, Tin Can) this user would really like to look at your sample files.

For the more ambitious users out there, this would make a great video workshop course (hint, hint)!


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Jeff Kortenbosch

Sorry to say I've got nothing. I try to keep it as clean as possible...  What's the user looking for? I'd actually be interested to see if it's possible to add something like chapter completion to the LMS. This way I could get more feedback then just 0% or 100% completion... 

..or could I do that via the submit interaction??? hmmmm

Michael Hinze

My two cents: A while back I worked on a series of Storyline-based evaluations, which had to be custom-built (using the built-in quiz slides was not an option). The end result looked something like this:

One of the challenges was to submit the custom score variable to the client's LMS (Moodle). After lots of testing and some great help from Super Hero Steve Flowers, I came up with a simple JavaScript that gets the Storyline custom score variable, rounds the value and then sends it to the LMS via a SCORM API call. Here is the script snippet:

//***this will grab a score variable and check that value against a passing score
var player=GetPlayer();
var cScore=player.GetVar("OverallPercentage");
var ScoreLMS=cScore.toFixed(2);
lmsAPI.SetScore(ScoreLMS, 100, 0);

Hope that helps.

Mark Fletcher

Yeah, I agree that Survey questions would be the best approach for single text fieldd; but, what about when the requirement is to allow a learner to enter data into multiple text boxes on the same screen or when data has to be entered into columns?

For example:


Email Address:

Business Region:


Please list your professional certifications

Certification      Level       Expiry Data

Do you have any recommendations of how to pass the data from all these fields to the LMS ?

Becky Mueller

Hello! I have a couple of questions on this topic--more specifically, how can I report a number variable to my LMS (Cornerstone) and does this also report to Articulate Storyline? I also want to know if my triggers are set up correctly. I feel like I've been following the steps in this tutorial, but I think I missed something, because I can't seem to get any sort of reporting!

Triggers/Variables: I have a series of 5 levels throughout my course, and as users click on different learning opportunities, points are added to their FinalScore (variable). Some are quiz questions, but many are not. I would like to track this FinalScore for all users and report on how well each user scored.

Setup - How Many survey question: Because FinalScore is a numeric value, I set up a "How Many" survey question. The first trigger is "Set NumericEntry equal to the value of FinalScore when timeline starts." The next trigger is "Submit interaction How Many when timeline starts." The third trigger is "Jump to next slide when timeline starts," which jumps to the Results slide.

Setup - Results slide: The first trigger on this slide is "Submit results 'Results Slide' when timeline starts." The next trigger is "Jump to next slide" when timeline starts. The next slide is the Conclusion slide, which shows the user their final score and allows them to exit the training at that point.

These 3 slides (How Many survey, Results, and Conclusion slide) are all in one scene, but the user doesn't see the first two since they jump to the next slide when the timeline starts.

The issue: I first pulled a report on Articulate Online to see how people answered the "How Many" survey question, thinking it would display the Final Score as their answer. It showed nothing and said no one had responded! I also don't know where this variable pulls into our LMS reporting, because we are still fairly new to Cornerstone and its reporting feature. Does anyone have experience with this and can tell me how to report on the variables within the LMS? I also just assumed that since it wasn't working in Articulate Online, it probably wasn't working in Cornerstone (LMS) either.

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!

MarkAnthony Chesner

Michael, Matt, Anyone!!!

I am trying to send number variables to my Moodle LMS, with no real luck…

Do you any working examples for this and any ideas about how I should set up the SCORM settings in Moodle?

I’ve tried this code when the results page timeline begins:

var player=GetPlayer();
var cScore=player.GetVar("My_Total_Score");
var ScoreLMS=cScore.toFixed(2);
lmsAPI.SetScore(ScoreLMS, 30, 0);

I have tallied all the scores in a How Many slide before the result.

I have placed the tracking to slide count.

I am stuck….

The correct answers are B C A C D

And could someone give me some suggestions about the Moodle SCORM Activity settings I would need to use to get the final number scores into the grade book?

Thanks again!