Multiple hint captions in a simulation

Feb 19, 2014

Hi, I created a software simulation and I want to add multiple hint boxes as follows:

User clicks incorrectly first time, hint 1 is shown (try again)

User clicks incorrectly a second time, hint 2 is shown (click here)

Of course if the user clicks correctly at any time the simulation advances.

How do I do this?  Still don't quite have actions and variables down.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Karen,

I assume when you mean hint 1, Try Again is shown, you mean just the "this is incorrect. Please try again" prompt that comes from the Tray Again layer

And when you say hint 2, click here, you mean the hint caption that comes from the Hint Caption Layer, such as

If so, here's one thing you could try...worked when I tested it

The Try Again button on the Try Again layer has a visited state. That means, when this button appears and users click it, that state will be enabled.

So, you can set up a trigger on the Try Again layer that says to

Show the Hint Caption layer

when the timeline starts

on the Try Again layer

on condition

the Try Again button = visited.

This would of course need to be done for all slides. I don't know of a global way to set this up....

Please shout out with any questions.

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