Missing Fonts (according to Storyline) but Fonts Exist in System

May 03, 2017

When opening my colleague's Storyline file, I get a message box (attached) telling me that the fonts listed are not installed on my PC.  They are.  I can see them in my fonts list and they are also in my Fonts folder.  Once in Storyline, I can even select the font claimed to be missing from the Fonts menu. The problem is that it does not render it consistently or correctly.  Is this a common problem and is there an easy solution?

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Gregg Wanciak

I can attest that the missing font issue is still a problem.

I get the Missing Font notification (screenshot attached). If I look for the font (which is definitely installed on my system, and in use elsewhere) in the drop-down font face list it will not appear, but if I type it into the font face box manually, it will complain that the font is not on my system and ask if I want to use it anyway (screenshot attached). When I do this, as has been noted in previous posts, the text will be in the desired font face.

So, this harmless bug is not yet resolved.

Carlos Suso



I am also having same Issue. I just upgraded to 360 and it  says that font Swiss 721 is missing. In storyline 2 that I still using as well it is everything OK. But it is very strange as it show in the font box but when I want to export it does not recognize it and turns into a very weird fonts.

Any quick help?

Attached the screeshots



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carlos,

You mention exporting it, but does that mean you are publishing and then uploading to that published environment? Is that when you are seeing the issue?

I know viewing locally can cause some issues, so I wanted to be sure you weren't viewing the published course locally vs viewing in the intended environment.

Ashley Kirstein

Is there a way to get 360 to recognize fonts that aren't installed on the system directly, but are synced with cloud apps such as TypeKit?

I keep getting the message that some of the Proxima Nova faces aren't on my system, which is true, but they are synced via TypeKit. It'd be great if  360 would recognize web-based fonts. (Or, if it already does recognize them and I just need to do something on my end to activate this, please let me know.)


Crystal Horn

Fonts installed on your system using Typekit should work in Storyline.  We've seen a few versions of the Proxima Nova fonts.  Can you confirm that the particular Proxima Nova you're using is the same one found in the Adobe Typekit?  Also, let me know what Windows version you're using.

If you can either share the font file or at least point us to where we can obtain it, that will be helpful for testing as well.  Thanks!

Timothy Condon

I, too, am still getting this error. I am running Storyline 3 Build 3.4.15731.0, released May 8, 2018. The last error I received was that I am missing Future Std Heavy but I confirmed it is installed on my PC. I am running Windows 10, 64-bit, version 1607. Screenshot attached.

Mia White

Curious if this was ever resolved? I get this issue every single time I open any Storyline file. Exact same issue as the author, error message about a font that definitely exists in Storyline. It is easy enough to bypass the error, but it is a little annoying b/c I am in the habit of launching a large file and then walking away while it loads up. However, this error puts a wrench in my typical routine as it won't fully load until you bypass the error message.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mia, 

What update of Storyline are you working on? The issue initially mentioned was fixed in an earlier update, (Storyline 3 is on Update 4 and Storyline 260 is on update 16) but you may still be seeing it if the fonts truly aren't installed or are not installed in the proper Windows directory. 

You could always test by using a standard font that you know is installed such as Arial, Calibri, Open sans, etc. 

Let me know what you find and we can keep troubleshooting from there! 

Cecelia Abshire

Hi Ashley,

We are using the Serenity theme to create a certain set of courses and I am building a test at the end of the courses. The Serenity theme does not have the "fill in the blank" graded question and some other questions that we want to ask built into the theme so I simply created those graded questions from scratch. I am trying to use the font Oswald Light Headings for the question font but it's not an option when I build the question from scratch. How can I still use this font to maintain the same branding for this particular program when building a question from scratch? Also, shouldn't the font always appear as an option if it's in the system?

Thank you,

Cecelia A

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lars, 

In my Windows 10 directory, here is where I find them all: C:\Windows\Fonts

Often for the font variations (i.e. Bold, Light, etc.) those each need to be installed separately. Another way to check is if that font is picked up by Word or Powerpoint as well, if it's not picked up there either I'd suggest reinstalling it to check!