Missing Fonts (according to Storyline) but Fonts Exist in System

When opening my colleague's Storyline file, I get a message box (attached) telling me that the fonts listed are not installed on my PC.  They are.  I can see them in my fonts list and they are also in my Fonts folder.  Once in Storyline, I can even select the font claimed to be missing from the Fonts menu. The problem is that it does not render it consistently or correctly.  Is this a common problem and is there an easy solution?

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Jacqueline Plaza

THIS is STILL very much an issue even with the update to Articulate that came out on 12/17/19. Font (Arial) is installed on the PC with Windows 10 and the message pops up stating it's missing. Articulate just does not have a clue what's wrong, let's be real about that, one can see it from the same response over and over. There is no real resolution.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jacqueline!

I see that you're working with John, our Senior Support Engineer! You're in great hands!

I'm going to also share with him that you're seeing issues with the font in your courses so that he can help troubleshoot this issue. 

I'll be following your case as I'm eager to find the culprit too!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Tim!

Are you seeing this with every project that uses the font, Helvetica or do other fonts that you have downloaded onto your local computer show up in the missing fonts window?

Would you mind also sharing which version of Storyline you are using? If you're using the latest version, Storyline 360 (Build 3.52.25156.0), I'll update my team to share this is still an issue in the most recent release.

Math Notermans

Fonts have always been an issue with Storyline. Im working with SL up from version 1...and its sad to say that it always has been an issue.

When someone makes a title...and someone else on another computer has to continue with it.. you might run into the problems of missing fonts. And even if you think you have the correct fonts installed...still Storyline might tell you fonts are missing.

What in my opinion should be added in Storyline is a packaging option to save your Storyline file together with any needed assets. Being Fonts and anyother external assets not directly in Storyline itself. Thus when packaging and sending a file like that, you are 100% sure your client or coworker gets all needed assets to continue working.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Tim!

Thank you for the update! I'd like our Support Engineers to work with you directly, so I've opened a case on your behalf. You should've received an email confirming the case, as well as an upload link where you can share the .story file with us!

I'll be following along to see what is causing the snag!