MP4s not playing in Storyline Course

I have a course with several videos in the slides. The course worked perfectly before the April SL release. Since then there are several (but not all) MP4 videos that will not play in the course once published. 

I have a ticket in with Articulate. They have not been able to offer any solutions. (I am unable to host and embed the videos as a workaround.)

Does anyone have any ideas on ways I can troubleshoot this? So far I've tried reinserting videos, and that didn't solve the problem. 

I need to find out what the non-playing videos have in common that is causing them to not play in Chrome. 

Any troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated!

So far on my list would be to rename, reinsert as a different video format, and check to see if the file size is a common factor for the videos that won't play. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Glad you were able to proceed Isabelle and thanks for the update.

Now, about it not working properly on your computer:

  1. Please be sure that you are using the latest version, which you can find here.
  2. If you already are, I'd be sure to repair the software.

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Jo-Anne Newby

I just had an issue with one MP4 out of many not playing when I published to my review site.  After hours of troubleshooting it, I had to reduce the H & W of the video slightly from full size and now it plays properly but with a white line around the outside.  this is the only one I had to modify.  This thread helped as Colin, I believe mentioned the sizing.  I would never have solved it without that comment.  Thanks.