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Dear All,

I was asked to create a question in my eLearning that should function as followed:

The question has 3 answer option but all 3 answers are correct. So the user passes when he checks all the 3 answers. But now comes the tricky part. We also want the user to pass when he checks only 2 of the 3 answers.

Can this be done?

Any help is welcome.

Best regards,

Dick Coppus

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Helen Tyson

Hi Dick,

Yes, this is possible with a little extra work.

Using the principles in thisĀ article you could:

  • Create a numeric variable
  • Add your answers as text/images to the slide
  • Convert to Freeform Pick One and add Correct/Incorrect buttons as per the article
  • Initial state of Incorrect = selected and Correct = Normal
  • Each answer selected adds +1 to the variable
  • Change the state of the Correct button to 'Selected' and Incorrect to 'Normal' if variable is equal or greater than 2

Hope this helps