New beta feature in Storyline 360: Interactive 360° images

Today we released a new beta feature in Storyline 360 called 360° images. We think you’ll love transforming any 360° image into an interactive learning experience that invites learners to explore and engage. 

Import any panoramic 360° image, pick an initial view, and resize for the perfect fit. Looking for images to experiment with? Try this collection. 

Once you’ve imported an image, you can add interactions using markers, hotspots, and triggers to capture learners’ attention and add contextual info to the images they’re exploring. You can create custom markers and add hotspots anywhere on the image.   

Finetune how learners interact with 360° images easily. Add progress meters to show learners their progress, and choose how learners navigate through the image to create the immersive experience you want. 

Download the latest version of Storyline 360 to start experimenting with 360° images—and share your projects! We’d love to see them here in E-Learning Heroes. 

What’s a beta feature? 

Beta features are early versions of features we’re adding to Articulate 360. We release features in beta to get your feedback on how you’re using the feature and what enhancements you’d like to see. 

This first release of 360° images is just our starting point for this feature. Our engineering team is adding more goodness to 360° images, including making them accessible to all learners. Please let us know what other enhancements you’d like to see using our feature request form.

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Michelle Kenoyer

The 360-Degree Image feature is a really nice enhancement! Great work, everyone!

I just read Katie Riggio's article on accessibility support for this feature, and she commented that the Articulate team is still working on screen-reader support and keyboard navigation.

I tested out a brief interaction created with this feature and noticed that, although it is possible to navigate around the 360-degree image with all four keyboard arrow keys, there's currently (apparently) not a way to tab or navigate to a hotspot and select/open it.

Any ETA on when more accessible features, like the ones Katie mentioned, might be ready? Thanks in advance--and thanks for always working on improvements to SL360! :)

Annie Kim

Hi Michelle, thanks for the feedback!

Even though accessibility is still a work in progress, you should be able to tab to the different objects on a 360° image and then click the spacebar to open the labels. We are aware of a bug where sometimes the focus goes from the slide directly to the "Back to top" button and skips over all the markers and hotspots on that image. If that's what you're seeing, then going to another slide and coming back will sometimes magically fix that. 

We will continue rolling out accessibility improvements with every monthly update until we're done!

Jeanette Abrahamsen

Is there a way to pin characters from the Storyline library to a 360-degree photo so the character moves with the photo as users explore other parts of the image? If I add a character on top of a 360-degree image, the character stays in the same spot on the screen while the background moves behind them. I can shoot new 360 photos with real models and can think of some workarounds to get them to change their facial expressions if the user gets a question wrong or something. But I was hoping a feature like that would already exist, I just couldn't find it anywhere. Thank you.

Michelle Kenoyer

Thanks for the fast reply, Annie! In the item I was testing, this lack of focus/inability to tab to the different objects is happening consistently, but to be fair, the .story file containing the image has only one slide. I'll create another test 360 image item that contains more than one slide to see if that remedies the issue. Thanks again!

David Helton

Love this new feature but would be nice to be able to load a series of images to create a VR/table turn still interaction for like product review. The ability to have a quick way to do a 360 Product Viewer with hotspots and interactivity. If this already is able to let me know as I have clients that love the ability to take photos of products and then view in a table turn-style viewer with hotspots detailing aspects of the product. I am newer to Storyline so any help would be great. If this feature is not readily available it would be a nice added bonus to have as an insert like this new 360 image feature in beat.

Annie Kim

Hi Jeanette,

That feature doesn't exist officially, but I was able to find a hack a couple months ago where I added Atsumi to my 360° image. You can see my Review example here.

I did this by finding the 360° image in Media Library, clicking the Edit button on the bottom right, choosing Paint, adding Atsumi (I had previously exported the character) on top of the image, and saving the new image. Then the image in Storyline should update so that the character is now there and is part of the 360° image so it doesn't stay in the same spot while the image is being moved around. Hope that helps!

Annie Kim

Hi David,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you want to have a 3D object vs a 360° image. That's not currently supported, but you can submit it as a feature request here if you would like to see this in the future. This forum thread might also be helpful to you as Tyler gave some information about how to add 3D objects using the Web Objects feature. 

David Helton

Thank you for the reply. Having the ability to insert 3d objects would be a huge plus and something Articulate should really consider. I have added it to the new feature request...which I did several times a few years back so hopefully, it will stick this time. What we currently do is table-turn style photos of products and then build a product 360 with hotspots and interaction embedded. So we take a series of images and then load them into rows...end result is the user can grab the product and rotate around the actual product and not the world like the current beta 360 in Storyline. If Storyline had an option to load a series of images and then when the user clicked and dragged around the object it would flip thru the series of images giving the end user the feel of rotating the product. Like this web-based code example:

But having the ability to have all this inside Storyline and not have to have a web-based option or web object.

Thanks again for the sample hack you provided and the comment.

Edward Hoke

About that 2:1 ratio...

So I have been experimenting with creating 360 Pano shots in my iPhone (since I don't own a 3d cam at this time), bringing those into Photoshop in their Pano editor and converting to a 2:1 ratio - the editing settings in the software are 16:9, 5:4, 3:2, and then there is a freeform, and I can set to the recommended 2:1. In every instance of a 2:1 ratio when I put into a SL slide I get dimension errors - and if clicking through, it does look pretty wonky. I would never use the results in a class. 

I'm sure I am missing something and I am hoping someone in eLearning-space here can suggest something to help with my own images. Many thanks! And, thanks to Articulate for this feature!

Ya'll still haven't fixed things from 8 years ago - but that is a different topic! 

Jerry Donney

I like the new 360* image support, but to be practical we are going to need a way to support multiple camera positions in a space (simulate walk-thru).  We can add the new image to next slide, but if you have direction arrows to move back and forth between slides (photos) we need to be able to SET initial image coordinates on the fly in a "Trigger".  Is this a feature request I can make?