Object states not changing as expected

Mar 23, 2023

I have a slide with rectangles that act as buttons. Each rectangle/button has three states: normal, hover, and visited. Each rectangle takes you to a different slide when clicked. After visiting that slide, it takes you back to the original slide. However, when it takes you back to the original slide, the rectangle state is "hover" instead of "visited." As soon as the mouse hovers over the rectangle, it changes to "visited." Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? Or am I missing something?

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Tom Kuhlmann

I created my own test shape on the slide and it works. I checked in your objects and I think the culprit is that the states were copied and pasted when the original object had a trigger on it.

You try to fix it quickly:

  • go into the state
  • select the object
  • Ctrl X
  • Ctrl V

That should copy and paste without the trigger and may fix it. Otherwise you need to rebuild those state objects without triggers.

See the recording.


Christina Appleby

I did the cut and paste to remove the triggers, and like you said in your video, the hover state still shows up under the visited state until you hover over the object again. 

After the cut and paste, I couldn't change the format of the states anymore. Is that because of the cut and paste?