Only score viewed questions - save and close before completing

I have created a storyline product where users get directed to scenes at random. So they are tested on 6 scenes out of 19 at random. I have used the 'Only score viewed questions' so that they are scored on the 6 scenes and not all 19. All works fine until uploaded to my LMS. I started to test it there and then saved and closed half way through. However my LMS has now marked this as successfully completed. Is this because I scored well on the ones I did complete? How do I ensure that my LMS only scores once the test has actually been completed and not half way through?

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Becca Levan

Hello Chris!

Sorry you're still stuck and not having luck troubleshooting your course in SCORM Cloud.

No worries! I've opened a support case on your behalf and sent you an email with a private upload link. If you can share your .story file, we'd be happy to test this out for you. 

As soon as we review your file, we'll be in touch, and as Lauren mentioned, we can sign an NDA if needed.

Chris Jefferson

I managed to test on the Scorm cloud in the end. And closing down half way through with all right answers produces a result of 100% even though I had not finished the test. 

Is this actually a design fault? By its very nature if you save and close before completed a test the option of 'only score viewed questions' will mark part completed tests as 100% if all answers up to that point were correct.