Order of slides

May 23, 2023

Hi - I have a course that has had the slide order moved by me manually moving them in storyview.  When i published and reviewed in review 360 the order was a mess.  

Also the storyview had the scenes side by side and now it is not and i cannot figure out how to fix these two issues. 

Please see the attachment.  Moving slides has always been an issue and i have even recreated to meet deadlines.

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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Christine, Hope you're doing well.

After looking over your .story file, I saw that the slide orders were not being presented in the proper sequence. In this situation, you may always select the Reset from Story button on the Menu Tab to change the slides' order back to how it should be. Please watch the provided screencast provided. Additionally, the menu can also be collapsed by clicking on the dropdown next to the scene titles.

About having the scenes side by side: It's not possible, as on the scene 1, slide 1.9, you have two triggers saying that Jump to slide when user clicks. So based on those triggers the scene positions will be changed. Please see the revised SL file, as I have updated the Menu and scene sequence.

Everything else is in tact in the revised SL file, with the exception of updating the slides and scene sequence.