Pause timeline with media - help!?

Nov 05, 2021

Hi. I'm currently working on a project in which one slide contains a video set to play automatically, and then at certain points I have set a trigger (using when timeline reaches....) to show a layer with a question which the learner needs to answer correctly to continue. After a correct answer it returns to the base layer and the video continues from where it paused.

The issue that I am experiencing is that the learner can pause the video by clicking on it, but the timeline doesn't pause. Therefore the layer still shows at the set number of seconds, even though the video has been paused. Does anyone know a way round this at all please?


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Matt.

Thank you for reaching out!

Take a look at the article below with tips on how to create interactive videos in Storyline:

If you scroll down to pro-tip #2, it should help you with your question. The idea is to create a transparent shape on top of your video to disable pausing the video by clicking on it.

I hope this helps!