PDF Download button on Certificate of Completion

Sep 05, 2015

I have developed a compliance training course for a 'not for profile' organisation. Throughout the year the organisation needs to recruit volunteers to assist with their work.

All volunteers need to register and complete the compliance training in advance of attending a one day hands-on program.

The course has been designed with variables that capture the volunteer's name, email address and pass score on the certificate slide.

The organisation doesn't have use an LMS for tracking and would prefer that volunteers can click a 'down load to PDF button' on the certificate to be able to email this PDF directly to the organisation. 

I am new to Articulate and java script and have read dozens of eLearning Hero responses re similar topics  requests however, I cannot find one that addresses my client's requirements in terms I understand. Apologies if this has already been addressed but I am seeking someones assistance in this space.

Many thanks in advance

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Michael Cattanach

A big thank you Matthew, 

I have just published the project...without success. I'm sure it's user error on my behalf.

The Results slide shows when the timeline starts with other variable created volunteer details e.g. First Name / Last Name, email address and Results score /percent. These all work.

I have included a screen grab to show how I have entered the script into the trigger. You'll notice I have inserted my gmail address to test.

Is it likely to be easier if I just convert to PDF and download without the send to email component? Thanks again.