Player pause doesn't pause layers

Jun 09, 2023

Hello, I have a question about the built-in player and the pause button. I can't share my file but will describe the issue. I have a slide that has audio on the base layer. Additional layers come in and out according to the base layer timeline. They don't have their own audio or have any clickable triggers. Everything is done using the "when timeline reaches X sec" trigger and animations in the layer's timeline. The base layer is the longest layer on the slide and the slide ends with the audio ends on the base layer. 

The issue I'm having is that when a user tested the program in Review 360 she reported that when pressing pause in the player (nothing custom here) the audio stopped (base layer) but the animation continued (additional layers). Is this how the pause button is supposed to work and I've just never encountered it? I would like for all layers to act in unison when someone clicks the pause/play in the default player. Ideally I would not have to add any additional triggers or hidden objects to achieve this outcome. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? Thank you!

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Garth Yorko

What I think is happening is that you have more than one animation on a layer. The Play/Pause button on the player is controlling the base layer and the other layers are unaffected. They continue to play until the layer timeline ends.

It may get messy, but you can move your layer content to the base layer.  Group the items on a layer, and then paste on the timeline at the point you want them to play. Repeat for each layer. You can use the Show/Hide option on the timeline to reduce the background noise while you adjust timing, just remember to make everything visible.

An alternative is to move each corresponding part of the audio to the layers and have the layers display their own timeline.

Here is a sample showing the original issues and the two possible options

Ray Parkinson

I'm having the same issue. The player's Pause button pauses the timeline when on the base layer, but the timeline continues on layers.

Unfortunately, I have numerous layers and so moving layer content to the base layer isn't an option.

Please can someone urgently assist and help with this?

Thanks ever so much in advance.

Ray Parkinson

Hey Phil.

Thanks for reaching out.

The layer's seekeable option is currently set to Auto, which doesn't stop the layer's timeline.

If I set the layer's seekeable option to Yes, the layer's timeline pauses, but the base layer doesn't pause. Setting the seekeable option to No is the same as Auto - base layer pauses, but the layer doesn't.

Any other ideas?


Ray Parkinson

The base layer has a video on it. At certain points in the video, I want a particular layer to appear. This could be numerous layers depending on the uses choices.

Moving the video multiple times to different layers would make the project huge - not to mention the cropping and timing issues that might pose.

Thanks for the suggestion though.