Problem with image states - re-size handles disappear

This is my first post, so apologies if I refer to anything with odd terms, or if this has already been discussed, however I couldn't find it in the forum so I thought I would share.

Recently, a colleague and I have been altering the states for different items within Storyline in order to produce a more customised feel to our eLearning. However, when altering the states we have discovered what appears to be a bug that removes/hides the 're-size handles' on an object or shape. This only seems to occur if you delete the original image from the ‘Normal’ state. Once you add a new image and click the ‘Done Editing States’ button, you can no longer see the re-size handles around the object. Without these re-size handles showing you can no longer select the item by dragging a selection area over it with the mouse. Or at least if it is selected, you can only tell by looking at the timeline...

We have found a way around this; by selecting the ‘Normal’ state image and simply right-clicking to 'Change picture' – doing it this way means the resize handles are retained but ideally you could do it both ways.

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JC Blanchard

I am having the same problem, no resizing handles. But what do you do when both images show up overlapping? I have a cartoon character with transparency. I need the character to flip horizontally when the user clicks a button. He's looking to the left on the normal image and looking to the right on the selected state. When on selected states, both images are visible.