Problems with sliders since updating ipad

Oct 14, 2019

I have just updated my ipad to the new ios version and have discovered my slider interactions in Storyline 3 are not working. They won't allow the user to drag the object on the slider up or down anymore whereas before they were working perfectly.

Has anyone else had this issue?

They work fine in the Chrome browser on my ipad but not in Safari.


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Susan L

Hello, just to add - I read the following thread, and while not exactly the same issue, the problem seems to be related to the new iPad iOS running storyline presentations. Changing the setting in safari suggested by Erin (toggling the Request Desktop setting) has provided a temporary fix.

Eric Allen

Yes, we have this same exact issue.  Our matching drag-drop questions in our presentations no longer "grab" in Safari in the new OS 13 for the iPad, specifically.

I have to imagine that Articulate is well aware of this by now.   Hopefully there's a fix, an updater or something, that I just haven't found yet.

Susan L

Hi Eric, the solution by Erin has worked for me and I have raised a ticket with support for a permanent fix. I've pasted the solution below:

Go to the Settings > Safari > Request Desktop Website. Under the Request Desktop Website On section, click All Websites to turn off/grey out the toggle. When the All Websites toggle is greyed out, you will get the user agent as iPad.

Ren Gomez

Hi Susan,

Thanks for following up, and I'm sorry this is causing pain points for you and your customers.

While we found a fix for Storyline 360 regarding the sliders not working on an iPad with OS 13, I don't have a release date set for that yet in Storyline 3. We'll be sure to jump in here as soon as there's progress to share.

Susan L

Thank you for getting back to me and I'm glad to hear that it has been possible to fix this issue. Unfortunately I am an independent teacher who doesn't have the budget - or ever will - to pay for Storyline 360. 

This bug, in effect, makes Storyline 3 currently unusable - a large proportion of students who use my site are iPad users and I have hundreds of games made with the software on my website.

There must be other users like me who are teachers and not affiliated to big companies. It was a huge investment for me at the time.

As such, I make the plea on behalf of myself and others that this fix is released for Storyline 3 users as soon as it is possible. Thank you.

Eric Allen

So I just had someone test here on their iPad and the conclusion seems to be that publishes with my most updated version of SL3 on (matching drag and drop) quiz questions is that they work on the iPad.   Previous publishes (which we have hundreds of) do not.

As of now I have yet to 100% confirm that this is accurate, but if it is, 2 things...

1)  Thank you for the fix.

2)  Is there any way that I can find out where in the output code this change is relayed, so that I can go in somehow and retroactively fix all of our previous publishes through any sort of a text update in the publish files?

Ultimately I would rather not have to spend weeks republishing my old courses.




Katie Riggio

Greetings, Eric and Susan!

To help you both plan properly: We're continuing to support Storyline 3 with bug fixes periodically. Our process for updating Storyline 3 is different than it is for Storyline 360, so they won't be in sync. We do occasionally release fixes between updates, but that can introduce risks, so we undertake that only in limited circumstances.

I'll update our team on how this bug is impacting your work and share all updates here!

Regarding a possible fix: I created a sample slider file in Storyline 3 (Update 8) and then published it, where the slider remains inactive in Safari using an iPad Pro, iOS 13. Here's the link to my published output!

Let me know how the link works on your tester's device. Also, could I grab the specs of their iPad (iPad model, iOS version)?

Excited to dig deeper!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Susan,

Thank you for providing those details! I'll be sure to update our report with that information. I do see that our team is continuing to investigate the issue for Storyline 3. We're careful about testing new updates to make sure we don't put other features at risk, and I don't want to commit to a timeline before we have a fix finalized.

You're in the right place, and we'll be sure to provide an update as soon as we can!

Ren Gomez

Hi Everyone,

We just released Update 10 for Storyline 3 and included a fix where users were unable to drag sliders in Safari on iPad OS 13. Click here for details.
To update, follow the steps in this article below to install the latest version!
Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.
Susan L

Hello, delighted to hear there is an update and sliders will now work. I just have a question regarding Javascript and the update.

I'm using javascript to create random numbers in a lot of my Storyline 3 presentations (the one found at the bottom of this page: - plus I'm also using the elearning brothers javascript tutorial to make leaderboards too. Will these still work in the new update as I see the release notes for the update say that jQuery has been removed. I'm not technical so not sure what this means exactly. Thanks.

Gerry McAteer

Hi Ren, I have installed the latest version of Storyline 360 and I am having issues on the iPad (Safari)  with the slider - not being able to drag/slide at all. I am using the storyline block within Rise. I have other storyline blocks in the same Rise module however these use the knob option and they all work ok. Any further suggestions? cheers Gerry