Sound not playing in Safari on iPAD

Oct 01, 2019

Hi. I was testing my scorm file on iPad (Safari 13.1) and notice that VO is working only on first slide. Next one need to go Next and Previous to get the VO playing. I think it could be auto-play in Safari but I'm not sure. Maybe some other issue? Course is playing fine on Chrome and on computers. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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Erin Crouse

Hi, we are experiencing similar issues with Storyline 3 & 360 with the new iPadOS (13.1.2) in Safari. The Play button doesn't appear on course launch and then auto-play doesn't work / is inconsistent throughout the training. We've raised a support case with Articulate which they are going to log as a software bug with some further investigation on their end. 

There is a new feature in the OS is to change the Safari default so it behaves the same as desktop (the user agent string indicates Mac no iPad). If you turn this feature off, the training will run; however, it's not an ideal solution for us to tell our users to change the tablet settings in order to view the course.

To turn off the feature: Go to the Settings > Safari > Request Desktop Website. Under the Request Desktop Website On section, click All Websites to turn off/grey out the toggle. When the All Websites toggle is greyed out, you will get the user agent as iPad.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Erin!

I truly apologize this is affecting the courses you've created. I understand asking the user to change the setting to view a course is not ideal. I appreciate you providing the troubleshooting steps you've already taken.

I see that you've been working with one of our Support Engineers, and you're right, our team is investigating the software bug. 

They will continue the conversation in your case when they've completed testing.

Ryan Mci

With the new iPad OS 13 Apple are making the Safari browser closer to the desktop experience. From our investigation this looks like a reemergence of the issue that arrived with Safari 11 on the Mac that blocked the autoplay of media without the learner interacting with the slide. Articulate were able to create a workaround for that issue, so I would hope that this can also be worked around.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Mark and Ryan,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know! As Lauren mentioned, our team is actively investigating this issue. I am adding your comments to our report, that way we can provide an update to this thread. 

As soon as we have more information to share, we will be sure to reach out here! 

Susan L

I have been having issues with the new iOS update and safari - but not with audio - it stopped my slider interactions from working instead. I tried Erin’s solution to Request Desktop Version and this worked (thanks Erin for solving my headache!). Just posting here in case anyone else has this issue. 

Carl Bourgault

I have the same issue, does anyone at Articulate work on the problem? I see a lot of excuse from the staff but no solutions for all your loyal customers. A company must keep up to date in the world of new technology. Voice over that no longer work is a major problem that needs to be taken seriously.