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Matthew Malandro

Hi Matt,

Closed captions are one of the many ways that Articulate is enabling engaging eLearning content accessible for all learning needs. To turn on closed captions at the beginning of a video, you will want to create a new trigger to change the default setting at the beginning of the slide that the video is on. 

Here are the parameters that you will want to use:

  • Action: Adjust variable
  • Variable: Player.DisplayCaptions
  • Value: Value = True
  • When: Timeline starts
  • Object: Select the first slide in your course from the drop-down list.

You can read more about caption customization options here.

I have also created a quick tutorial video on how to set this up using Peek 360, check it out below.

Feel free to ask any questions, I hope this information can be helpful, best of luck!