Quiz review: Correct visual feedback but incorrect textual feedback

Jul 14, 2022


I have encountered a weird bug when I review my quiz. The build-in feedback bar is giving the correct visual feedback (green for correct answers and red for incorrect answers), but textual it only says "incorrect" at every answer.


I have attached screenshots of the problem (the feedback is in Dutch). "Onjuist" means incorrect and in the second picture the text should say "juist" (which means correct) instead of "Onjuist".


Some background information:

- These are random questions from a questionbank.

- The Slide properties are set to "Resume saved state", but I have already tried all the other properties.

- On the feedback slide I've tried every combination of "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" and "review only incorrect questions".

- I can't find the corresponding feedback layers in the feedback master.


I hope someone can help me solving this problem!

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Luc and Emma.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you're experiencing!

I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my end: I tried with both English and Dutch Text Labels, but they worked as expected. Can you share a sample .story file either here or privately through a support case so we can investigate what's happening?