Resolution Issues with Storyline

Aug 11, 2021


I am trying to get a clear resolution on my simulation in Storyline.

I've tried recording with storyline, Camtasia and Snagit.

I've attached images of all cases.

The Camtasia and Snagit captures look fine until I put them in storyline, and then are blurry.

Why is Storyline making everything blurry?? How can I adjust the resolution? 

I've read all of these and tried everything. But I am still having the same issue. :(

 Ideally, I want to record my simulations with Storyline so I can create try me's.

Any advice appreciated.

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Becca Levan

Thanks for sharing those screenshots, Melissa! I can see you've done a lot of troubleshooting on your end, and I really appreciate your efforts in sticking with this. 

From here, I've enlisted one of our support engineers to step in to help figure out what is happening. I've opened a case on your behalf, and one of my teammates will reach out shortly!