Result Slide Issue: Multiple survey questions on one slide

May 17, 2023

I've scoured the discussion boards to see if I could figure this out on my own, but I'm up against a deadline and can't spend any more time with trial and error, so I'm hoping someone can chime in soon!

I followed the idea in this thread:

Right now I'm getting the values for language, the likert evaluation, and only the value from the "enjoy" box. I'm trying to get the other text entry for "what I'd change" as well as the value of the "DeviceType" variable pushed to my LMS (Absorb). 

I can see the variables on the result slide show what was selected/entered, but that's not pushing to the LMS. I'm not sure where I've gone wrong. Your assistance is appreciated!

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Ron Price

Hello Cas,

The only way to get the survey information to an LMS (if you are not using XAPI) is if each question is an individual slide.  In the thread you referenced, if you look at Ashley's sample file, you will notice that she added an additional Essay Question, that uses the variable from the previous slide to populate and then advance to the next slide, so the learner never really sees this additional slide, but it is there so that the Result Slide can calculate it.

Take a look at Ashley's example again, and you will see the trigger pattern she used.  That should help get you to where you need to be.