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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sorcha,

Welcome to the community!

I've never used Storyline's survey questions - I assume you're taking your questions slides from the Survey tab on the Insert slides screen - but, I figured I'd take a stab at your question. Then, someone else will (hopefully) jump in and set us both straight!

So, what I did was add a Data Entry  on the slide for Learners to enter their text. Have you done this before? You access it by clicking the Insert tab, and then from the Interactive Object group click the Data Entry drop-down and select text entry. Then I typed in "Please add your comments here" into the text entry box. I also named the text entry on the timeline and in the Manage Project Variables dialog box. If you have a lot of questions you'll want to do this to keep track

Then on the results slide you'll have to insert a reference to these variables. You do this by creating a text box and then, with the insertion point in the text box, click Insert and from the Text group select Reference. When the dialog box appears, click to select the variable(s).

Please shout out with any questions. Those were a LOT of instructions with no supporting screen shots, but I have to run. Hopefully the attached story will help.

Anyone who has a better idea, please also shout out. And I'm also wondering - will these variables get handed off to an LMS ?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Ashley, tx for responding. I totally learned something new. So I need to thank you, Sorcha, for asking. Glad I took a stab...win win!

So just to clarify, because for some of us it's not completely straightforward, let's say:

I create a survey with 3 MC questions. I'm just throwing stuff out here for the sake of an example

  • One rates the quality of the images and I've added a place for comments with a text entry I called Images
  • One rates the quality of the narration, place for comments, text entry called narrate
  • One rates the quality of the videos, place for comments, text entry called videos

For each of these I'd insert a separate short answer quiz. Each quiz would reference one of the text entries, e.g., I can enter anything in the questions box, so for 

Short Answer 1 I might type "images" in the question box, save and close

  • Then in the Triggers panel I'd edit the trigger to set Set TextEntry=value of images when the timeline starts
  • And I'd edit the Submit interaction trigger submit when the timeline starts

For Short Answer 2 I might type "narrate" in the question box, save and close

  • Then in the Triggers panel I'd edit the trigger to Set TextEntry1=value of narrate  when the timeline starts
  • And I'd edit the Submit interaction trigger submit when the timeline starts

And the same deal for Short Answer 3

And I'd still need to place all the variable references on the Results slide, yes? So a reference for images, narrate, videos

TIA, Ashley

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Becky,

You've got it - if you're going to have a lot of these type of questions, it may be easier to add them as actual short answer questions that would live on their own slides (otherwise it's a lot of variables and hidden slides to deal with), but if it's just for a couple and you'd like them to appear on the same slide with your multiple choice questions this is a nice option. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sue!

Since the project was created in an older version of Storyline that didn't have the Modern Player, things look a tad different! No worries, you'll just want to change the Player in Player Properties!

I've recorded a quick Peek at how to change this. Here's the link! I'll also list the steps below.

  1. In the Home tab, click on Player which located over to the far right.
  2. In the Appearance section, click on the Player drop-down. You'll see two options: Classic and Modern.
  3. Let's choose Modern for this example. You should see the Previous and Next icons appear. If you prefer to have text instead of icons, head over to Colors & Effects.
  4. In the Navigation drop down in the Button Styles section, choose either Text, Icon and Text, or Icon.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!