Resume saved state not working in Pick One questions

Aug 15, 2021

Hi All.

I have over 200 "pick one" questions.  They work very nicely in my unscored self-test sections BUT in the Final Assessment, they do not review as expected.

Even though I have set the resume saved state, when I review the questions I can select different areas of my graphic to change my answers. It does not appear to be saving any states or resuming.

I can also change my answers when I re-enter the Final Assessment from the main menu.  The banner of "CORRECT" or "INCORRECT" is there on each question during the review and during the re-entry from the menu.

I have worked around this with putting in 4 "IF" conditions to stop the candidate changing their answers, but once again this is a lot of additional work and I have another project coming up shortly which will also have lots of Pick One questions.

PS Hotspots don't work for me as some of these questions have more than one correct answer ie as long as they select one of the correct locations they will be marked as correct.

Has anyone else encountered this?

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Dave Cox

Hi Sylvia,

It is hard to see what you are fighting without seeing your project. If you could post your project, or part of your project, that would help us to troubleshoot.

As far as retaking the quiz, you can reset the quiz to allow users to retake it by adding a trigger to reset the results slide on the button you use to restart the quiz. Add this trigger before the link to the first quiz slide.

You can use a Custom Review layer to prevent interaction on the quiz slide. In this case, I'm preventing users from clicking anything by using an invisible shape with a border during review. You can use this layer to put anything you want on the slide during the review. 

I'm attaching my example for you to look at.

If that doesn't solve your issue, please post an example that shows your problem so someone can help you to troubleshoot.