Roll back to a previous version of Storyline 360

Is there any way to go back to a previous version of Storyline 360 - not contained in the 'other versions' list of the articulate app? We created several courses for our clients using the Build 3.35.21017.0 (December 19, 2019) and everything was working perfectly. We recently decided to try the newest version, but we are experiencing a number of issues related to accessibility, mute/unmute videos and course completion. Trying to go back to the older version, we found out we could only go back to March 2020 version. This version is ok for the completion, but it's not fixing the other issues we are experiencing. 

Is there any way of rolling back to Build 3.35.21017.0?

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Sam Hill

Hi Omar, before you roll back, it's probably first worth looking at the individual issues.

The accessibility issue you mention, may not actually be an issue, but a change in how accessibility works. Since January this year, the Storyline slides are functioning more like a web page when it comes to accessibility (screen readers and keyboard navigation) and so it may be a change rather than something being broken? For example, text areas are no longer tabbed to (only interactive elements are accessed using tab) however, the tab index is still relevant to the reading order when it comes to screen readers. Screen readers are now controlled using Arrow keys (and other shortcut keys available to the screen reader e.g JAWS and NVDA).

The videos issue I'm not sure about, what problem do you experience?

Completion, there haven't been any issues reported with the latest version 3.43 that I am aware of. Which version of SCORM are you using and what is your completion trigger?

I'm only suggesting to check these first as the improvements in accessibility are significant and it would be great if you can continue to keep your module up to date with those improvements and pass them on to the users who need them.

Designers Clarity

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your reply. We are using both scorm 1.2 and scorm 2004 (3rd and 4th ed).

I understand that there have been changes to the way things are managed, but there are some cases where we have some clickable items on screen that used to work fine when navigating using the keyboard (tab to move between items and enter/space to click the buttons), while now they are not. And we also have cases where we decided objects should not be reached via keyboard to simplify the user experience, but now are automatically focused when moving between slides. 

For the mute/unmute options, we used to apply some javascript that it's now not working anymore. We found a different code to make this work with the updated version of the software, so this would not be a problem.

Finally, for the completion issue, we found out that when opening the course with the new Storyline the 'submit result' triggers were automatically disabled and this was causing the problem. We just had to enable them again to get completion working.

So, to recap, the only open issue would be with the accessibility. I think we could use the newest version of the software when starting new courses, but to be honest having to check and readapt all the courses we previously created to the big changes that have been done to storyline will mean wasting a lot of time (and money), so I still believe it's a better option to revert back to December version.

Is this something that can be quickly achieved?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Omar,

I appreciate you taking the time to explain what you are experiencing and what you would like to see.

A request for an older version that is no longer available in your app is something our support team can take a look at.

I've opened a support case on your behalf and shared the details you explained here.

You should be hearing from someone via e-mail soon.

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Omar!

Thanks for the update, and I'm sorry to hear about not receiving our email! 

My teammate, Matthew, reached out to the email tied to your E-Learning Heroes profile on 8/28/2020 (11:32 AM EDT) from I just forwarded the original reply.

To cover all bases, let's double-check your spam and junk folders to see if the email is getting stuck there. 🤞

Nicolas Bennett

Hi there,

Just wondering how long it took to get a link to the previous version (December 19, 2019 (Build 3.35.21017.0))? I also need access to this version ASAP, as my deadline is in 8 hours. I have just been told that I need to wait until Monday in order for someone to look at my case. It is currently 11:44am on a Saturday. Monday is too late. I am not sure why previous versions prior to the 6 listed in the app are not readily available for download.

Jessica Medina

Please open a support ticket for me too.  I have the same issue, I need to revert to Storyline version 3.35.21017.0 just until our organization can complete upgrades and change to a compatible browser (Oracle LMS e-business suite v12) We are working on it now but in the meantime nothing Articulate works.  Thanks for the help :)