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Jan 09, 2023

Hello everyone !

I think that my question has been asked a lot of time, but i can't find a clear answer... I saw lot of topics on this subject but that does not really help :/

What is the "standard" storyline behavior regarding quiz completion ?

When a learner try multiple time a scorm (which contains a course + a final quiz):

  • The higher score is saved by the LMS ?
  • The last score (last tentative) is saved ? Even if it's less than before ?
  • The first score is saved ? (and then nothing)


My customer has the classic issue : a learner has failed the first attempt (score <70%), then he has tried a second time. The second attempt is not saved by the LMS.

I thought that the problem came from the LMS, some parameters somewhere, but the support from 360learning says that the problem comes from the scorm...

Thanks for the help,


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