Screen Recording Won't insert as step by step in Storyline 3

Jan 10, 2022

I am trying to insert a step-by-step video of MS word into my SL3 project. It successfully records the video and I can insert the video, however, when I try to insert it as a step-by-step view mode only a single slide (which is of the last click) appears in the new scene.  Incidentally, when I try to exit the screen recording the escape button won't work until I shrink MS Word and that's the only screenshot that appears in my scene.  

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Sarah Frederick

Hello Maria. Storyline will not record the screen for anything I do in MS Word from any Storyline project. I can record from any other software or any other screen. 

Attached is a sample file.  Form Storyline, I chose Record your screen with a Word doc open. During the recording, I clicked around in the Word doc and typed text, etc. When I hit the Esc button, nothing happened. Then, I closed the Word doc and clicked around on the web browser page that was open behind it. From here, when I selected the Esc button, the recording ends.  As you can see in the attached file, none of the clicks I did in Word were recorded. The only clicks that were recorded are the ones I did after I closed Word doc. 

In addition to not being able to record Word, I cannot publish my courses to Word. When I choose the Word tab, from the Publish window and then select the Publish button, the Publish Successful window immediately pops up. The status bar that I usually see does not display first.  When I select the View Document button nothing happens and when I select the Open button, a Word file isn't in the folder.