Seekbar not moving on rewind

Jun 25, 2017

Hello SL community,

Generally, the seekbar on the layer works when I click the 'Rewind' button. I selected 'Allow seeking = Yes' from the slide layer properties.

However, the seekbar does not move when I click rewind. When I click on the 'Play' button as the layer is playing, the seekbar moves in synch with the timeline of the layer again.

Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong.

Thank you very much for your help.


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Caesar Aycocho

Hello Alyssa,

Thank you for your reply.

-I did not pause the timeline of the base layer.

-When revisiting, I chose 'Reset to initial'.

I also observed that the case is intermittent. The seekbar moves in some pages when I click on it.

I review the slide and layer properties again.  But I fear the results would be the same.



Caesar Aycocho

Hello Alyssa,

Thank you for coming back on this.

Sadly, I get the same results. The seekbar is 'visually' not moving when I click the 'Rewind' button on the layer immediately after the end of the timeline. But, when I click on the 'Play' button it shows the seekbar moving at its proper timeline.

And when I close the layer and open it again, since When revisiting is set to 'automatically decide', the seekbar is up to its end. Then I click the 'Rewind' button and the seekbar does not 'visually' move but you know the timeline of the layer is moving.

This only happens when I let the timeline of the layer finish and click on the 'Rewind' button. However, when I click on the 'Rewind' button while it is playing, the seekbar behaves as expected.

I will try to reinstall SL/2 and see if the situation persists.


Alyssa Gomez

Now I see what you mean, Caesar. Thanks for clarifying that.

I did a little digging, and I found that this is a bug we're working on with our QA team. In other words, it's not just happening in your file--I'm seeing it, too.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this to evaluate how many customers are impacted and what impact it has on courses. The number of customers and depth of impact are two of the elements that help us prioritize bugs and fixes.

Here's some more detail about how we tackle bugs .  I'm really sorry that I can't say if this issue will be fixed, but you're in the right place to stay updated on this bug's progress. 

Caesar Aycocho

Thank you for confirming what I thought. I lost a lot of hours trying to understand what I was doing wrong. I needed that functionality in the way I designed my course navigation.

I want to believe this deserves attention since it is at  the core of the SL solution, ie triggers, layers, and states. I hope this will merit the attention of the QA team. It is not a feature request; it is a bug that admittedly not many may have noticed.   The feature’s current behavior differs from the behavior that was intended.

Then again, I understand the process that needs to happen.

Rachel Horton

Any updates on this?  I am experiencing the bug too.  The rewind works on some slides and not others.  Also, when clicking previous to return to previous slide it is not restarting the previous slide at the beginning.  Slide properties "When Revisiting" is set to "Automatically Decide" which behaves properly on majority of slides.  I haven't tested them all but I know it is not working as expected on one slide.  I expect it to replay the slide at the beginning after selecting previous but instead I get a white slide and no movement.

As a work around I changed the setting to "Resume to Initial state" which is not ideal.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rachel.  The Storyline 2 issue that Caesar was experiencing involved the rewind button not showing seekbar progress on a layer.  Is that what you're seeing on your end?

Overall, the rewind button will start your slides over depending on how you've set your slide to behave when revisiting.  Here's more detail on that.

The logic behind "automatically decide:"

If the slide contains just simple objects and audio but no interactivity, Storyline will rewind the slide to the beginning of the slide’s timeline. However, if the slide contains any interactive elements, such as buttons or any other object that includes a visited/selected state, Storyline won't rewind the slide.

Does that match what you're seeing in your project?  If not, I'm happy to have a look if you can share it here!

Angela Lima

Any word on this? From what I understand, the rewind feature on the seekbar will not work if the slides and layers are set to "Resume saved state"

We need the slides set this way because we disable the next button until all the slides and layers are visited on the slide. We use variables to accomplish this and therefore need to have the slide "Resume the saved state" so the user does not need to repeat the slide and the variables are not reset.

We would like the user to be able to hear the audio on the slide again if they choose to, but again, the rewind button does not work.


Jose Tansengco

Hi Angel, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into this snag. We are currently tracking a known issue which causes audio on a quiz slide to not replay when clicking the player rewind button.

I've added this community post to the bug report so we can notify you as soon as a fix is released. For your reference, here's a quick look at how we manage bugs.