"Set as Default Button" not keeping all state changes

Apr 17, 2016

Hi all, Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. I can't seem to find anything related to the same problem.

I create a button, and make it appear how I want it to for the whole title. When I select "Set as Default Button" it just saves as you would expect.

When I go to add a new button, the states have changed back to some form of default for half of it and I have no idea why! I don't want to be edited the states of every button the team creates, we just don't have time for work arounds.

Ideas please? So far I haven't managed to get anything to stick 100%, even in a completely blank title.

Button states

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Kathryn Wheeler

That seems a bit long winded to format a button that you want to keep consistent throughout a title. It also means you have to have one already created to copy it from. Why would 'set as default' NOT duplicate everything you have set on the button? What use is it to only save some things. then default others back to system?

Should this not be a standard function?

The section in the article you have linked "Changing the Default Button Characteristics" talks about attributes, but makes no mention of it not actually copying states... so you would assume a state is an attribute of the button.

To be honest, all I can see it duplicating is the font used and the 'normal state'. So why have the option at all? I cant be the only one finding it frustrating that I can't set a default and it be as I originally created!

Maidie Golan

Thank you for this post! I have experienced the same issue - I customize a button, including the various states, click Set as Default Button, and then try to use the button tool to insert a new button showing the customized characteristics.

The new button, however, does not maintain the new characteristics for the custom states. Would appreciate a fix for this, thanks!

Stacy B

I am back to Articulate (360) from 2 years in Camtasia, and also find it frustrating to deal with inconsistent button default settings in SL (2 or 360).  Now that I'm added to the thread, I will add my hope that your QA team has created a solution. 

Not incidentally, I  greatly miss having a Library in which to save items and draw from each time I create a course.  Is this on the horizon?

Alyssa Gomez

Thank you, Stacy, for adding your voice.  I know that we’ve had this issue on our radar for awhile. We continue to share all of your feedback to our QA team, and we’ll post any updates here in this discussion. 

And I can see how a Library feature would make your life easier!  That's a great idea - can you please share your perspective with our product development team?   The beauty of Articulate 360 is that we're able to roll out updates pretty frequently, so we appreciate you for taking the time to share what you would like to see in future updates!

Eva Ann Shepherd

The format painter will not copy states. What we are finding most frustrating is when creating a new quiz slide, Storyline creates multiple states for the answers. So if we are wanting to only have a normal state and a selected state, we have to go in and delete the surplus states for every single answer. Using the format painter does not remove the surplus states even when I delete the states on the first answer and use it for the format painter. The states to not transfer with the format painter and NEITHER does the formatting of the actual button.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Eva,

I apologize, I thought you were referring to using the format painter on custom buttons, like this:

It sounds like you'd like to use the format painter on radio buttons for quiz questions. You are correct that the format painter doesn't work there as it does on custom buttons, and I can understand how frustrating that is. 

Until we have a fix, something that could help in the meantime is to change the radio button hover color to the same color as your slide background. To do that, click the Design tab >> Colors >> Create New Theme Colors. Then change the color of Control 1 to the same color as your slide background.

With that change, you'll still have a "hover" state for each radio button, but it will be invisible since it's the same color as your slide background. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Opleiden,

Thanks for reaching out.

I do not have an update regarding the issue with the custom button states not carrying over to buttons added with the default shape.

I've not seen a similar issue mentioned for characters.

Can you share the steps to recreate what you are experiencing with the characters in your modules? I'd be happy to take a look.

Mia Andersen

Hi, Still seeing this issue here. 

Seems totally redundant to have a set as default button if it doesn't save the states. We have a very strict brand guide (as most companies do) and I can't use different shades of our colours for buttons. 

Really would love this ability, or the ability to save full custom buttons to a library. 

This format painter process is still really frustrating and slow. 

Joe Frascella

At this point, I assume that this issue will never be addressed.  

If a button is going to be set as a default, logic would assume that all of its attributes, including states, would be saved as well.   This is one of my giant pet peeves  with SL, what's the point with the "Save As Default Button" command if it doesn't  actually save the button in all its glory?

Soren J Birch

Yes Joe, seems like Articulate Globate LLC is chasing those hot new revenue streams elsewhere. Storyline 360 has seen some improvement in its output, but long-standing bugs and problems with the editor are left unresolved. Also, there is a lot of very basic editing tools that are left in the dust, and new features which will help speed up development with the tool are not pursued. Instead of better video editing, audio editing, critically needed improvements to the quality of life for timeline editing, we get... 360° pictures. yay. I used it 0 times so far. Articulate used to be the cool guys. Now we are just cows to milk for recurring revenue, and Storyline 360 is left to flounder  :(