Shape flickering on hover

Sep 26, 2017


I'm trying to create a custom navigation slide. Each shape has a "hover" state, but for some reason, when hovering over the blue shape, it flickers.

Can anyone have a look at the storyfile and spot why this is happening?


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Becca Levan

Sorry you're experiencing this, Sarah!

We have an open issue that we are currently tracking for Storyline 360 update 3.57, where a trigger to show layer on hover causes the layer to flicker continuously.

Are you currently on this version? If so, I'd recommend installing the previous update: How to Install a Previous Version of an AppI've added this conversation to our report, and we'll keep you updated on the progress.

If this doesn't sound like what you're experiencing, connect with us here so we can take a closer look!

Marc Raskinski


I am having a similar issue. I have an image of a flowchart and I am using magnified halves on two layers, which are navigated to via hotspots. In other words, when the learner hovers over the top half of the flowchart, it navigates to the layer with the magnified top half. When they move the mouse out of the that area, it returns to the base layer. If the learner hovers over the 2nd half, same happens. However, it flickers. Do I have to install a previous version or am I doing this incorrectly?



Erin Frank

Hi Becca,

I also have the same issue with the hover over effect flickering continuously. I've reverted my Storyline version, and it fixed the issue. Woohoo!

Is there a way to know when the bug is fixed in the newest version? (that way we know when it's safe to upgrade to the latest version again)



Becca Levan

You came to the right place, Erin & Marc! I have exciting news for everyone here 🗞

Today we released Storyline 360 Update 58and it comes with several new features and fixes! Here's the item you'll want to know about:

  • Fixed: Layers could flicker when hovering over an object.

All you need to do is update to the newest version by following these steps. If you run into trouble, we're just a click away!