SL 360 sometimes does not find an existing item to republish in Review 360

Nov 15, 2021

I'm wondering if other people have this issue, and if anyone has found a reason for it. On certain files I publish to Review, but not others, Storyline is unaware of there being an existing version in Review. This will happen even immediately after publishing to Review, and saving the SL file. When I select the button to publish a new version, I see the message "You have not published this project before." And yet, the project is there. Not usually a huge problem, but currently I have nearly 100 existing projects in Review, so it becomes a bit of a slog.


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Lauren Connelly

Sorry for the trouble, David! We don't have this logged as a bug, so I'd like to gather more details from you. It sounds like the course is missing in the drop-down list when you're using another file to start a course. Do you mind sharing that workflow with me? Are you duplicating the course outside Storyline 360 and then opening the copy in Storyline 360?

Once I gather these details, I'll report this to my team, which will hopefully help us find a fix!

David Schwartz

Hi Lauren,

Generally speaking, I either have duplicated a course outside of SL, or have opened it and then done a Save As to create another course. I can't say with certainty which of these conditions was met in courses where this issue occurs. (Not sure what you are asking when you say a course is missing in the drop-down list when using another file to start a course.)

In any case, with a course where the problem occurs, I have already published it to Review at least once, but when I go back to publish revisions, SL does not recognize that the course is associated with any course already in Review.

I've taken a screencast so you can see what happens: 

I will note that if I publish as a new item in Review, it then seems to maintain the connection going forward. That would be fine if I weren't trying to keep existing comments together with the  updated version.



Phil Mayor

Hi Lauren, I have reported this as part of the beta and confirm that what David has said is very similar to my experience.

If I create a new course from another course using save as often it gets confused and when I try to publish to review again will either not find a previous link (although is in dropdown) or will try to go to previous course link. This has happened so many times to m.