SL Does Not Import Template's Master Slides Into Existing Project

Jun 03, 2021

I have several templates adapted from previous projects. Yesterday, I made a new template with master slide/layouts from scratch and saved it into my templates folder. When I try to import templates into an existing project, the older ones bring their master files and layouts with them but when I try the new one, it brings its slides but not its master or layouts. To test, I built another new template today. It suffers the same problem: slides yes, master no.

I updated SL yesterday before I started working on the templates. Related?

I attached one of the new template files.




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Allen!

I'm sorry you're running into this issue with Story Templates. This is what I am seeing when I open the Slide Masters in your .storytemplate. 

Are you using Storyline 360 (Build 3.52.25156.0)? It sounds like this is affecting Story Templates that were built in this version as well as previous versions of Storyline 360. Either way, they aren't rendered properly when using in Update 52. Does this sound correct?

Becca Levan

Hello Allen,

Thanks for those extra details, and I really appreciate the helpful screen recording!

From here, I'd like our support engineers to step in to help troubleshoot. You should've received an email from me confirming that I've opened a support case on your behalf. Stay tuned for one of my teammates to reach out with a next step!