SL3 not opening SL360 Files

Hi - We've tried lots of things for this, including updating both apps with the latest versions. In 360, I have removed all font styles. I've tried importing an SL 360 file into a new file blank 360 file - SL3 cannot open it. Pretty much no 360 file opens in SL3. One file did, it had a single button, nothing more. 

Is there something else I must do to the SL360 file to make it compatible with SL3? Should I roll back my version? Other ideas?

Thank you.

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Richard Watson

Sorry, Amy. I only have Storyline 360 so I'm unable to test with Storyline 3. I'm sure someone will see the post today (who has SL 3) and will respond. Or perhaps send a request to Articulate support?

Another thing to check from a post I just read:

"Storyline 360 projects open in Storyline 3 unless you imported assets directly into the media library in Storyline 360 or enabled the quizzing feature that lets learners review/retry only the questions they get wrong. "