States images not showing in edit mode (or non-edit mode) (latest release - v3.65.28121.0)

Jul 11, 2022

Hi everyone,

I am updating an older module and I needed to fix a state and noticed none of the state images are showing.  I just updated on June 21st, but I have not looked at states since the update.

Please see image, if I click on it I see it on my slide but so not convenient.  I am hoping this is a bug and not an enhancement.  I looked on the website for he versioning updates and didn't see anything that stood out regarding states.




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Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Walt, I finally had a chance to go back in on a project and take a look.  And it is very annoying that I have to lose visible real estate on my slide to move my states window up in order to see them now.  Very odd, but at least it does work.

Lauren is this something articulate can look into?  See the two attachments,  I have to move up the window to see the state images since the update mentioned in my title.