Story View print out?

Jun 06, 2013

Hey all, short of taking a bunch of screen shots and compositing them together, is there a way to print out the Story View? I'm a visual kinda guy (years in advertising will do that to a person) and want to make sure all the connections in my project are where they need to be.

Thanks in advance for the continued awesomeness!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Doug, 

Yeah, it's a popular feature request, but there's currently no built-in way using Storyline to print out Story View. 

Depending on the size of your project, you can just use the Print Screen key on your keyboard, or take a screenshot of it and print that. Keep in mind, that if your Story View is really expansive, you can zoom in or out on it using the scale in the bottom-right corner. 

Eitan Teomi's the third time I'm looking for a much needed feature and it's not possible :)

It's gong to be my third feature request today!

Printing a Story View is really needed - especially when your scenes have a lot of conditional variables and you want to think the workflow through. I find myself want to draw and create annotations in the story view and the only way is to print it to save time.

Dearne Willing

Is there any update to this feature?

The ability to be able to print Story View/export or Publish Story View to Review would be fantastic! Currently, I am recreating story view in PPT or printing to Word and re-arranging, which again, makes more work and is time-consuming. Being able to send the Story View to Review would be a fantastic way to receive stakeholder feedback and assist with planning. I have seen this feature has had many requests, would be great to see this feature implemented in the next update :)

Becca Levan

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for checking in! No new news to report now, but I've added your vote to the report we're tracking on this. You're in the right place to receive any new updates since you're linked to this discussion!

In the meantime, I found a suggestion from one of our community members you might want to give a try!

Alan Broughton

Hi all, just adding my voice to the near decade old request for a print option for the story view. The advantage of this is that the diagram effectively becomes a flow chart for repeating a successful chain of scenes and connections, without having to manually go through each slide, and then wonder whether the flow will remain intact.

I have a large number of storyline projects, some of which need updating with newer materials, some which need to be modernised and the printed story view would expedite that. Cut and paste screen shots doesn't really do it for me.