Storyline 3 course issue with resuming where they last left off

Aug 17, 2021

Has anyone had issues with their courses not resuming where they left off. I tried all kinds of different options even as far as going into each individual slide and making it resume from last saved and still can't get it to work and made things worst since before it was just happening on lesson/module 5 of the course now its happening on all modules. I am using SCORM 2004 3rd edition and even tried 4th edition which made matters worst also. Anyone have any suggestions.

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Becca Levan

Hey there, Carlos! Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear you're having difficulty with your course resume behavior. Happy to lend a hand!

  • Before setting each slide to resume saved state when revisiting, did you have the resume behavior set to the desired option in the Player Properties?

If you can share your .story file, I'd be happy to test it in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud to see if I get the same results. Feel free to send it privately to us by using this link or attach it publicly with the Add Attachment button!

Carlos Soto

Hello Becca, Thanks for your quick response. I did set the player properties to prompt to resume but it did fail specifically in Lesson 5 when this option was used. I am talking to upper management to see if it is ok to send you the storyline file. I will let you know if they approve. Thank you for your support.