Storyline Character Incomplete

I noticed recently, when I embed a character directly from the Storyline Library, the hand/arm parts don't show up appropriately. For example, I applied Louis (male, 40-50s) character with Gesturing pose, but his hand doesnot show up (see the attached image). I applied multiple characters in my Storyline Project and this is not the only character that has this issue. Anyone has any idea how to avoid? Thank you. Louis

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Gerry Wasiluk
Katie Riggio

Greetings, Chuanli!

It looks like you tried adjusting your DPI settings with no luck. So sorry you're still facing this problem!

From here, I echo Gerry's recommendation to see if a simple repair of Storyline 360 helps. (Thanks, Gerry!) If that doesn't help, please let our Support team know. They'll work with you 1:1 to ensure those characters display correctly!