Storyline course duplicates first attempt several times before returning second attempt score.

Jul 19, 2018


I have a Storyline 360 course that is tracked using a quiz result. The course is published in SCORM 2004 v4 and returns a status Completed/Failed. 

During the first attempt, the course behaves as expected.

If a learner completes the quiz, launches the course a second time, and chooses not to resume their previous attempt, their first attempt score will be passed back to the LMS again on every slide the learner views. When they complete the quiz a second time, the quiz score and status is updated as expected, but their first attempt will be duplicated several times in the process.

Can I set the Storyline course to only pass the score and status back to the LMS on the results slide to prevent these duplicate attempts?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Daniel.  Thanks for the detailed write-up!  Storyline sends the current score to the LMS multiple times during a session, and that activity can often be seen in a debug log or in activity statements.  The LMS shouldn't interpret that communication as individual attempts, however.

Are you seeing an inaccurate number of attempts in the reporting for your LMS?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Astutis Articulate 3! I don't see that Daniel sent us a file for testing, so let's start fresh. Are you seeing an inaccurate number of attempts in the reporting for your LMS?

If so, I would recommend testing in SCORM Cloud. That way, you can compare the behavior there to what you're seeing in your LMS. 

In SCORM Cloud, you'll find the number of learner attempts listed in the Course Activity Details area. 

Let us know how it goes!

Gene Schaffer

Hi All

Was there ever a resolution on this? I have a problem with my LMS duplicating the reporting. John Doe takes a course and leaves/exits it without finishing ending up with an IN-PROGRESS status that randomly duplicates or shows up twice in my course reporting. John Doe might later resume the course or restart it eventually getting a PASSED status that shows up duplicated in course reporting. It isn't isolated to one user or one course and seems random in nature as it doesn't duplicate on a regular basis. My LMS administrators insist it's some flaw in the SCORM package in that it is sending the same 2 course responses to the LMS within a gap of milliseconds as an explanation of why course reporting is being duplicated. I have reached out to SCORM Cloud with the only thing they think is a real-stretch of a possibility is how the users are exiting. If there was an I-frame involved, this might be legit but when the course is launched, a new browser window is opened (not an I-frame). My issue seems similar to what started this discussion, but am not sure entirely.