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I really like the update. The modern player looks very clean and I would like to use it for all of my courses. I do have one issue with this player though. For quizzes, the "submit" check mark (which replaced the submit button) is not very obvious. If I was a user taking courses for the first time, I would have no idea what to do once I was ready to submit a quiz. I obviously can make a custom shape with triggers that could take care of this for me, but I am just curious if this could be tweaked a little bit to be more clear. I have attached a picture with what I am referring to if anyone was curious.

I'm not really expecting this to change, but I just thought I would bring it others attention so they can hopefully remove any confusion for their users.

Wes Hunter

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Yuyen Chang

Ok I switched my button styles to Text and now my quiz slide submission button does say "Submit" which works better than the checkmark. But now my question is: can I just make this modification on the question slides only, and NOT to the entire project (so the other slides still use arrows as navigation buttons?)

Bérengère LITTY

I do totally agree. We also like this player better but the submit button is very difficult to spot. We are now hesitating to create a button directly in the slide with a trigger or to add a comment indicating where to click as you did.

We tested with different people and they all find this button hard to find.


Bérengère LITTY

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bérengère and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

The modern player in Storyline 360 now displays that checkmark for the submit button by default.

If you'd like to adjust this, you can certainly do so via the Player Properties.

Player Properties > Colors & Effects > Button Styles > Navigation

Hope that helps :)

Bérengère LITTY

Hi Leslie and thank you for you answer. I was already talking about the submit button in format icon+text.

The submit button without text is highly difficult to spot. The submit button with text (icon+text) is only very difficult to spot. I've looking at people experiencing this player for the first time and almost all of them are spending time looking for the button.


Susan Waters

Leslie, I agree with the other folks here.  I think our suggestion would be something large please that doesn't get overlooked.  I had trouble finding it myself and just got feedback that the quiz didn't work from the person reviewing the content because he couldn't find the submit check mark.  Yes, I've changed it but I think a better solution is for the icon only to be more obvious so we don't have to choose the other if we don't want it throughout.  My two cents. Have a great day!

Tania Thomas

I have just rolled out a whole heap of e-learning assessments to more than 200 users - and the biggest complaint is the size and location of the submit button.

Is there any plans to enlarge this at all or allow us to edit where the button is placed. Down the bottom right hand corner is not always suitable.

Also, is there a way to press the enter key instead of having to drag the mouse down and click submit? (with this already programmed button). What is the process for this, are there any known issues and does anyone have an example of how they have explained this process to their learners?

Thank you :)

Benita Tong

My team, too, found the checkmark too difficult for learners to be able to identify or locate for submitting an interaction. While enabling text and icon works on computer and tablet views, the text doesn't display with the icon on the phone views. When set to text-only, the phone views revert to the icon and don't show the text, either.

As a workaround, we're going with an on-screen submit button for every quiz interaction slide.