Storyline Variable Documentation

Sep 07, 2021

Hello WORL&D!

A couple of years ago I built a script that exported the list of user variables from Storyline into an Excel sheet so you can document what they were and share it with others. The script stopped working as new updates were made to the code.

This is xPorter 2.1 that works very differently: it extracts the variables from the actual .story file directly and then exports them into a smartsheet. It's written in Python. If you think you can use it as well, let me know.

I'm also setting up an online version of this so you don't have to install Python on your own laptop. 

UPDATE: here's the source Python script and instructions how to use it:


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Melissa Suárez del Real

Hello Zsolt, thanks for your code. I'm having a bit of trouble using it. Could you please provide more details on the last part ? :

"To run the xporter, just execute the following: python

The script will open a file dialogue to locate the .ini file you want to use." 

I've  tried to run this file in several ways but no file dialog or any other action. Could you please explain exactly how to run it ? I think I might be doing something wrong or missing steps. All previous requirements are ok... but this last step... just no luck. Thanks in advance !