Struggling with graphics in Storyline

I am really struggling ever since the new SL update which now allows direct SVG imports. The problem is that I used to import SVGs into PPT, turn them into shapes, then bring them into SL which made it possible for me to ungroup/rearrange, and most importantly recolor parts of the graphic. I can no longer do that in SL. Does anyone have a new workaround that would enable tme to recolor and manipulate SVGs IN storyline rather than having to do it outside of SL and then import? Thanks so much for any ideas!

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Diarmaid Collins

Oh wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

That is awesome. I just tried that technique and I was worried at first in that it seemed to import as a bitmap image but, yeah, once I ungrouped it, the shapes were all editable shapes. Perfection.

I am so delighted you provided that info. It has been a real pain in the butt since Storyline "fixed" the importing of SVG files.

Thank you so much.

Diarmaid Collins

Doesn't seem to work for me Math. I copy the shape in Illustrator and it pastes into Storyline as a jpeg image.

Maybe it's a PC illustrator thing? EMFs have never worked for me before until Access Pointe's solution today. I have only ever gotten WMF files to 'work' and even then the workaround hack to get that format was a bit tedious.

It would be amazing if a simple copy and paste worked. Cuts out so many stages!


Math Notermans

Double checking now... i do work on PC and can imagine this wont work on Mac using Parallels or some other emulator to get Storyline to work...  Compound paths don't work, but if you release those it works copy-paste on Windows. Do try testing it with an emulated Windows Illustrator ;-)
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Diarmaid Collins

Hmmm... very interesting. I've managed to install Illustrator on my Parallels Windows 10 virtual machine and, yes, indeed, creating shapes within Illustrator and copying and pasting them into Storyline does, in fact, create lovely EMF vector shapes.


My Storyline crashes almost immediately afterwards but still... that's fantastic news cutting down so many steps. 

Thanks, Access Pointe and thank you Math.