Tab key triggering radio buttons and invisible shapes

Hi all,

I'm authoring a course in Storyline 360 and am attempting to meet WCAG Level AA accessibility standards, which is proving difficult. I've run into a couple of issues:

  1. The red "Close" button on lightboxes is not accessible in the tab order, and is unable to be edited to either change the image (less important) or add Alt text and add it to the tab order (more important). So, I have added an invisible rectangle to each lightbox slide, which I have named "Close" and set a trigger to close the lightbox. I can then add this invisible rectangle to the tab order. So far, so good.
  2. When testing the tab order, items such as the invisible rectangle and some (BUT not all!) radio buttons are automatically triggered when they receive the tab focus INSTEAD of being triggered by Tab + Space/Enter. This is a real problem because I want to use accessibility best practice and put the "Close" button first in the tab order. BUT if I do that and the learner presses Tab, the lightbox is closed. They can't access the video transcript or any other items on that screen.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before? Is there a fix - is it something simple I'm missing?


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James Bennett

I can't help you with your first issue but I like your work-around!

As for the second, I think this may have been resolved with the latest update of SL360:

Fixed: We fixed several issues with triggers in HTML5 output, including on-click triggers that would automatically execute when using keyboard navigation to tab between objects, key-press triggers that wouldn't jump to the next slide when they were assigned to data-entry fields, and inconsistent hover triggers.



Trinity Ryan

James, you are a legend. Thank you so much for your help - I've installed the update and the issues I've been having are resolved!!

I hadn't gotten around to the update previously, as I'd only originally installed the software less than a month ago. Thank goodness you recognised the issue. :)

Juan Duvanced

Hello everyone,

I've created a separate scene with all the lightboxes for a slide. I've updated the focus order but closing each lightbox resets the focus order to the start. Is it possible to resume the focus order on a slide after closing the lightbox? Seems like something pretty straightforward but haven't figured it out yet. Thank you in advance for your help.