Text entry field submit

I am creating a software simulation that requires text entries. In the real software, the user must enter a name prior to clicking on various other areas of the screen.

I've been able to make most of the simulation just using the built-in screencast, but I'm stuck on the text entry because of the submit button. 

In the real software there would be no submit button and since there is no submit button through the rest of the assessment it is very out of place. 

How can I have the text entry submit WITHOUT a submit button?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jeni,

Happy to help! If you don't want to use the Submit button, perhaps the Enter key can be used to submit the text entry?

You'll just have to ensure it's selected in the Submit Keys space in Form view, as well as in a trigger to submit the interaction.

I also removed the Submit button from the slide properties, so it's no longer visible. In the example I attached below, the slide doesn't have correct feedback, as the intention was for it to move to the next screen automatically. Take a look and see if this provides any direction!