Try Again layer on an endless loop in 2 of my quizzes


I have created a Match Drag and Drop Quiz with 3 attempts and a Drag and Drop quiz with 5 attempts and both quizzes have the Try Again layer.

Everything works great however the Try Again layer seems to be caught in an endless loop not allowing the Incorrect layer to display after the required amount of attempts on both quizzes. My other quizzes work fine and the only difference I can see is the resetting of initial state maybe impacting the displaying of the Incorrect layer.

For these two quizzes I do want the answers to rotate once the user tries again and goes back to the base layer.

When the user gets it correct the quiz correctly progresses to the next slide which is great.

How do I fix this to show the Incorrect layer after the user has past the 3 and 5 failed attempts to than progress to the the Review layer that I want to create??????

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jason,

Thanks for reaching out! Is there a Jump to Slide trigger in your quiz questions? If so, that will reset the attempts, and you'll never reach the Incorrect layer.

It would help to take a look at your file and provide guidance. Feel free to share it privately with our support engineers, and they can take a closer look!

Jason Walton

Hi Ren 

Yes there is a Jump to Slide - This Slide - when user clicks try again.

I was under the impression I needed this so when the user goes back for another attempt they have 3 & 5 attempts (two quizzies with same issue) then the quiz resets with the answers randomly swapped around for the users next attempt?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jason.

Thank you for sharing your .story file! 

When using the drag and drop quiz (your second slide), the answers should reset automatically after each attempt if the layer is set to "Resume Saved State". 

The matching drag and drop works a little differently: while it still gives the users the additional attempts, the answers stay connected until the user moves them. Your idea (Reset to Initial Stage) works if you also add a variable to the Try Again layer.

You can create a number variable with a value of zero: let's call it IncorrectAttempts. On your Try Again layer, set up a trigger to adjust the variable each time the timeline starts, by adding 1. 

On that same layer, add a trigger to show the Incorrect layer if the value of the variable is 3

Windows 10 (1) 2021-04-30 at 4.39.11 PM

Let me know if this works!

Jason Walton

Thanks Maria

Late Fri I finally found a couple of 5 year old videos from a lady Named Rebecca that helped me out, which was doing the same thing you mentioned, which worked, which is great.

Thanks for your suggestion, as it's great to get some more current feedback on these things as most of the stuff on the forum seems to be from older versions, so the screenshots are a little different to my current version, so can be a little difficult when being new trying to follow them at times. There is a lot to understand when trying to create eLearning modules :)

Again thanks for the help, it's much appreciated.