Updating a Webobject

Is there a way to update a web-object without opening Storyline? I try updating the source files directly in the folder that Storyline is using on my link, but it is not picking up the latest versions and still using the older versions of the web-objects.

We use a lot of web-objects and we go to a lot of iterations, the best for us will be updating the source files directly without the need of having to open storyline, delete the existing web-object, upload the new one, re-size and re-position and publish the document again. All this currently has to be done manually. The links to the files and names of the same are not changing, only the code.

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Francisco Carreon

Yes, I have clear the cache in the browser but when publishing again still uses the old files. I guess there is a cache that get's created in Storyline the first time you upload the web-object and unless you remove the object and re-uploaded this cache is not been reseted. I hope one of the developer could explain more in detail how storyline handles this..