We’re Shutting Down Articulate Online

We’ve reached the difficult decision to shut down our Articulate Online product at the end of next year — effective December 31, 2021. It was a hard call for us to make, but we firmly believe the time has come to focus our resources on the products that provide the most long-term value to our customers.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect as we prepare for the shut down of Articulate Online:

  • Effective immediately, we’re no longer selling new Articulate Online subscriptions nor allowing upgrades or downgrades to existing ones.
  • Starting on December 1, 2020, if you’re on an annual subscription, we’ll migrate you to a monthly renewal cycle, so you have the flexibility to move off of Articulate Online as soon as you’re ready. If you have any billing-related questions, please contact our billing department at ao@articulate.com.
  • Any content you’re currently hosting on Articulate Online will no longer be accessible after the end-of-life date of December 31, 2021.

Although the end of Articulate Online is more than a year away, we wanted to give you plenty of time to prepare. To get you started, we’ve pulled together this article full of information on how to republish the content you’re currently hosting in Articulate Online so that you can host it in another system.

We sincerely appreciate you choosing Articulate Online as the way to deliver and track your training. As you evaluate your future needs, we hope you’ll consider our newest product, Rise.com. With Rise.com you can still host and track Studio and Storyline content, but you can also host and track any SCORM based content as well. Plus, you can create training in Rise.com and get access to tons of prebuilt, fully customizable training content. You can start a free, 30-day trial of Rise.com or contact a member of our Rise.com team at sales@rise.com to learn more about special discounts for our Articulate Online customers.

Over the next year, you’ll hear from us periodically with email reminders. We’re here to help you, so please feel free to reply here or reach out to us at support@articulate.com with your how-to questions.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Vikki and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊 

Phil is correct. Justin addressed a similar question and outlined the details here.

For anyone following along:

We're not making any changes at all to Articulate 360, which is is a holistic suite of interconnected apps for all your e-learning needs—from authoring (Storyline, Studio, Rise 360, Replay, and Peek 360) to sourcing assets (Content Library 360) to collaborating (Review 360) to training (Articulate 360 Training).

We're shutting down Articulate Online.  Articulate Online hosts and tracks content created with Storyline and Studio authoring apps.

We’re here to help you, so please feel free to reply here or reach out to us at support@articulate.com with your how-to questions.