What file to email for upload to intranet server? story or zip file?

Nov 23, 2022


I am going to "publish to web" and send a file for our web person to create a link for a training I would like employees to view.

Am I sending them the zip file instructions (download, extract, etc.) or am I just sending them the story link? Since I am not the web person, do they need to have the zip file to upload to our organization's intranet?

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Walt Hamilton

What your web person (or better yet, your IT person) needs is two things:

The published (to web) version of your project, and authorization to place it someplace (intranet or web) where the people who need it have access.

The published version can be sent to them as is if you include all folders and files, or can be zipped and sent to them. They need to extract if necessary. The employees need the link to the story.html file.

Walt Hamilton

It is not a problem with SL, it is a problem with how it is being made available. Make sure you are publishing for web. Make sure the web person is extracting it from the zip. The most likely problem I can think of is that the extracted files are being placed where those who need them do not have access. The files must be placed in a location where all learners have R/W access to every file and every folder.