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Jan 05, 2023

Lately we are seeing an issue when someone has exited their training module and come back, the option to resume where they left off or start over pops up for them, however they are not able to select either option. The "spinning wheel" is there and is frozen. This is happening with the Cornerstone LMS system, is anyone else having this issue?


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Kelly Auner

Hi Shane, and thanks for reaching out!

I'm not an expert on Cornerstone, but I'm happy to help narrow down the issue.

  • Is this happening with one specific file or multiple files?
  • Is this only happening when the course is published for LMS?
  • Have you tried testing your course in SCORM Cloud? You can find instructions, here.

I hope this helps!

Eric Santos

Hi Shane,

I'm glad to hear Kelly was able to help! I appreciate your patience in testing this out in SCORM Cloud. I'd like to highlight the next steps from the article Kelly shared.

If your course works properly in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, open a support case with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue. They'll know how best to help with LMS-specific problems.

If your Articulate content doesn't play, resume, or track correctly in SCORM Cloud, submit a case to our support team so we can take a closer look. Be sure to include a copy of your project file so we can try to reproduce the problem.

Thank you, Shane!

Shane Ingram

Good morning, 

A follow up on this; the files worked as designed in scorm cloud so we went back to the LMS platform found that some modules worked and others did not. After testing several things with Cornerstone we have found that any module published with Storyline Version 3.68.28887.0 (6OCT) or earlier is just fine, from version 3.69.28997.0 (7NOV) and later however do not work. We are opening a case with our LMS, do we need to with Storyline? 

Luciana Piazza

Hi Shane, 

Thanks so much for the update! Glad to hear the file was working properly in SCORM Cloud. 

This sounds like an LMS-specific issue. If you have no luck with the LMS provider sharing a solution, please feel free to share your files with us in a support case so we can investigate further.

Have a great afternoon! 

Scott Suter

Hi everyone, I am experiencing continuing problems with this malfunction as of early February 2023. I am testing publishing to LMS, publishing to web, etc. with no solutions. I can try to revert to an earlier version of Articulate as suggested, however I'm concerned that my presentations created and published in the current version may not be reverse compatible.  I will also try experimentation in other browsers as I have three, however Chrome is usually very reliable. I will test this and report back. I can find information going back some time on the problem, forums but inadequate solutions. I think it may be time for the software engineers at Articulate to try a fix. This problem persists in different versions of Scorm and published to LMS or the web.  It also persists with the player set to prompt to resume, or automatically resume. I will need to test this over the weekend as I have a critical and urgent need to publish presentations that work as designed. I will check back with more details. Thanks

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

you should test Chrome and perhaps Firefox -  MS Edge and other Chromium based browser should behave exactly like Chrome

if you had access to a mac, Safari would be the third browser for a test

you should make screenshots of the browser console if the error happens

-> F12 (Console tab  + Network tab)

and upload them here, perhaps this shows what is wrong with the resume

Scott Suter

Hi Everyone, after much experimentation using various browsers and output formats I learned that launching my story within the LMS I'm using from my Administration profile, the resume feature does not work, as noted in my original post. When I open the story using a learner profile that I created to test this, I found that the resume feature works as designed. This appears to be an element designed in Storyline and controlled within the LMS. I hope this helps others. Thanks.