Crossword Puzzle in Storyline!

Jul 26, 2017

It's been a personal challenge of mine to create a working crossword puzzle in Storyline for ages. I am happy to say that I finally dove in and made it a reality!

In searching for a bit of help in the boards, it looks like this is a challenge for many, so I thought I would share what I have created and perhaps give others the opportunity to see how I did it. 

Hope it helps someone out there :-)


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Allison Goldthorpe

Very neat Brandon! This would be a really neat way to review vocab or important points covered in a course.

The one suggestion I would have is to put the clues in a button set so only one can be selected at a time. You could also change the completed state to the built-in disabled state which would help with multi-selection as well.

Action Pact

Very nice!

I am just starting to build a crossword with about 20 words. I have to figure out how I will do the layout so that it is readable on smaller devices. I think I'll have some kind of a zoom to the area of the puzzle activated by choosing a clue.

I'm planning on making some hint buttons. The first hint will provide another clue and the second will reveal the answer so people don't get too frustrated. When someone gets the word correct (or clicks the second hint), a pop up will appear showing how the word relates to the learning content.

Looking forward to starting and grateful for your idea kickstarter!