Demo: Detective Security Leaks within 360 panorama

Dec 20, 2021

I used to love using 2D office layouts for creating learning activities for different course topics. Learners can explore the virtual office and learn to deal with whatever might actually happened in real world and that always leads to a good learning performance. So when Storyline add the 360 image function, I think I should transform the virtual office from 2D to 360 panorama and see how it works.

Below are the functions I want to test in the new 360 image:

  • Zoom in/out function: I got this worked, however the tooltip won't show while the 360 image is zoomed in, I hope Articulate team will fix this. I think I don't actually need zoom function in this demo but I can see in different applications will need it.
  • Jump between different 360 images: I am satisfied with this, they can be in different slides or different layers.
  • A message(layer) shows properly no matter it is zoomed or not: it won't be a problem if no zoom function here. But since I use zoom function, and a layer will also be zoomed when opening. It took me a little time to figure out how to zoom out first when a layer opens so it will show the correct size I want.
  • The shown message(layer) hides automatically(without clicking close) when user keep exploring: it also works as expect in a 360 image environment.  

One thing I found weird is if I click on any non interactive area of the 360 image, the hotspots I've interacted with will also show at the same time. I assume that's a bug for beta version.


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Diyan Maxx

Examining security within a 360-degree scope demands meticulous scrutiny to pinpoint potential leaks. It necessitates a detective-like approach, combing through every angle, identifying vulnerabilities, and fortifying defenses. The comprehensive view offers insight into the entire landscape, enabling proactive measures to patch potential breaches. This panoramic assessment is critical, ensuring a thorough understanding of the security framework, empowering preemptive actions to safeguard against any potential threats.